Hey! im Brittney (katt) , im 19, and i reside in FL~

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In 2006 we made this little burger meal for a competition on Craftster.org. It got quite a bit of online traffic at the time. Couldn’t find the links, so I re-edited and uploaded these for Parisa.

Me and Mr L put it together, and all the food was edible: baby onion, american cheese, baby gherkin, homemade bun, handcut fries. I made the tray and the drink out of polymer clay and printed up the Craftster branding. 


So… here we are. I couldn’t think of a different drawing, I just had this idea in mind about the five being so happy. Smiling of pure happiness. Because that’s what Teen Titans brings to me, and after all these years… these characters are still one of the most important things in my life and I still don’t know why.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s normal to love this way a show, probably it isn’t, but who cares, they make me happy. And I swear there was not even a day in wich I have not thought about them since I was 12. It’s like an unbreakable bond that binds me to my childhood. And i’m so sure it will last forever.

so yeah, Teen Titans were never gone for me. And knowing that there’s going to be new material about them is still hard to believe, I cried and begged for new episodes for years. And I’m pretty sure i wasn’t the only one :)

However, I don’t know when I’ll watch exactly the new episodes…… I hate my country even more now. Try to not spoiler me anything T.T i’ll try to stay out of tumblr… if that’s possible. Please enjoy the premiere for me :3

And spread the world! reblog if you like Teen Titans, if you’re excited about the new show or not. Reblog just thinking in the characters you loved once! okay? let the world know that the best superhero team is BACK.